Debating the EASA/PrecAnthro Precarity Report

Debating the EASA/PrecAnthro Precarity Report

29. 01. 2021

FocaalBlog is devoting a theme section to discussing the report, co-authored by Dr. Martin Fotta from the Department of Mobility and Migration, The Anthropological Career In Europe (EASA 2020). The stated aim of the section is to ‘support and deepen the debate and political campaign opened by PrecAnthro and their report for EASA’.

With contributions from Stefan Voicu, Don Kalb, Natalia Buier, Giacomo Loperfido, Susana Narotzky, Ela Drążkiewicz, Prem Kumar Rajaram.

The theme section can be accessed here:

Full report can be downloaded here: