Lumina quaeruntur

Lumina quaeruntur

08. 11. 2021

Prestigious award for Martin Fotta

Martin Fotta, from the Department of Mobility and Migration of the Institute of Ethnology, has been one of the six winners of a prestigious Lumina quaeruntur award by the Czech Academy of Sciences. The award will enable Dr.Fotta to establish a research team with whom he will work on a project entitled Roma Atlantic: Transcontinental logics of ethno-racial identities. Starting in January 2022 the team will map Romani identities and ethno-racial boundaries comparatively and transnationally focusing on localities belonging to the Portuguese-speaking South Atlantic region (Angola, Brazil, Cape Verde and Portugal). By relating Romani experiences to that of other minorities and subaltern groups, the research programme will challenge the dominant Eurocentric understanding of the Romani diaspora and improve our understanding of the movement of people, of objects and ideas reshapes existing ethno-racial formations.

Photo: Jana Plavec, Divize vnějších vztahů SSČ AV ČR