Music, dance, and anthropology of city

Music, dance, and anthropology of city

19. 09. 2022

The ethnomusicology and ethnochoreology seminar will take place on November 23, deadline for proposals  September 30.

We cordially invite you to the

5th ethnomusicology and ethnochoreology seminar

“Music, dance, and anthropology of city”

Department of ethnomusicology and ethnochoreology, Institute of Ethnology, Czech Academy of Sciences in cooperation with

Faculty of Humanities, Charles University

November 23, 2022

Institute of Ethnology, Na Florenci 3, Prague 1

The ethnomusicology and ethnochoreology seminar follows a series of events organized since the beginning of the third millennium at the Institute of Ethnology of the CAS. Its purpose is to promote discourse on the domestic research ground that would reflect the changes in the paradigm of both related disciplines in the international research context. The main impulse for this event is the implementation of the Strategy AV21 of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic in the program City as a Laboratory of Change. The object of our interest here is urban festivities, in which musical and dance expression becomes part of the so-called ritual language capable of transferring commonly shared symbols to the plane of public communication. In particular, we are looking at events that borrow elements of rural traditional folk festivals and manipulate their form and content in the new socio-cultural context of the city, or whose conception helps to shape the identity of the place. At the same time, this issue is developed in line with the ontological transformation of urban anthropology, which currently encompasses a wide range of problematic areas. In addition to traditional research topics such as rural-urban migration, the ways in which people adapt to urban life, urban problems related to crime, the culture of poverty, and multicultural relations, urban anthropologists today increasingly study the impact of urban conditions on cultural pluralism and social stratification, institutionalized or fluid urban social networks, the functions of family and kinship in the urban environment, the use of urban public space, gender relations, etc. The purpose of the fifth Ethnomusicology and Ethnochoreology Seminar will be to deepen the focus of urban anthropology with the possibilities of research with an emphasis on music and dance expressions, through which it is possible to understand the specific processes taking place in urban communities, the settlement patterns of different urban population groups and their associated ways of life, social relations, conflicts, and different forms of sharing.

We welcome contributions that contribute to the development of this paradigm, which should not exceed 20 minutes in length, followed by a discussion. The French anthropologist Marie Pierre Gibert has accepted the invitation to be the main discussant, so the session will be in English.


Marie Pierre Gibert

Assistant Professor in social anthropology Université Lumière-Lyon 2; member of l'UMR 5600-EVS Environnement-Ville-Société (, and LabEx IMU-Intelligences des Mondes Urbains (; exploring dance in constructing identities in the context of the creation of a Nation-State (Israel) addressed in doctoral research; transnational networks of musicians between Africa and Europe; use of dance and music practices, and contexts of nationalism, transnational mobility, collective mobilization, and tourism; question of work and professional identities.


Please send English titles and abstracts of your presentations (max. 300 words) to

Deadline September 30, 2022