Seminars of the Institute of Ethnology

Seminars of the Institute of Ethnology

15. 01. 2024

New topics and dates

In the new year, the series of public seminars of the Institute of Ethnology will continue, in which the topics on which the researchers of our departments are working will be presented..

Petr Nuska: Romani Chords: Uncovering Romani Practice for Harmonic Accompaniment with Sonic, Visual and Ethnographic Analysis

5. 2., 14.00, Brno

Luděk Brož: Evil Spirits and Rocket Debris: In Search of Lost Souls in Siberia

4. 3., 14.00, Praha

Karel Altman: Dědictví českého trampingu

8. 4., 14.00, Brno

Kateřina Králová: Děti a válka

6. 5., 14.00, Praha

Jan Ort: Roma Agents of the "Gypsy Question". Belonging, Mobility, and Resettlement Policy in Czechoslovakia in the 1960s

3. 6., 14.00, Brno


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