The Ecological Anthropology Seminar Series 2024

The Ecological Anthropology Seminar Series 2024

18. 01. 2024

Starting 29.1.2024 

The Department of Ecological Anthropology announces the launch of a new seminar series. The Ecological Anthropology Seminar Series offers lectures by distinguished scholars focusing on human-nature nexus, including topics such as climate change, conservation politics, multispecies methods, grieving in the Anthropocene, and environmental activism. Speakers will be presenting in person at the Institute of Ethnology CAS, Na Florenci 3, Prague 1, with the talk simultaneously being streamed online via Microsoft Teams. For more information and registration, please sign up here.

DEA Seminar series 2024

The first lecture by Zdenka Sokolíčková that will take place on Monday, 29.1.2024 at 14:00 (CET). To attend in person or online, please register here.

 Sokolickova - 29.01.24