Center of Scientific Information

Center of Scientific Information

Center of Scientific Information contains large collections of documents. Their value places them among the most important sources for the ethnographic research in the Czech Republic. The history of collections goes back to the 1st half of the 19th century. They were created through organized collecting and field research. These funds are constantly expanded by the research by the Institute’s scholars, donations from amateur collectors, gifts, and purchases. The main task of the Center of Scientific Information is to provide information services to the Institute’s researchers as well as to other visitors.

Price list of  SVI   EÚ AV ČR,v. v. i.

Center of Scientific Information consists of:

SVI Praha, Na Florenci 3, Praha 1

SVI field workplace Brno, Veveří 97, Brno


Head of department: PhDr. Barbora Gergelová


tel.: +420 234 612 611



Mgr. Ondřej Volčík,document collections, song and folklore related aterial, video collection, field workplace Brno


tel.: +420 532 290 267

Mgr. Vendula Novotná, library, ASEP, field workplace Brno


tel.: +420 532 290 277 (mobile 737 406 760)

Bc. Barbora Gurecká, document collections, Praha


tel.: +420 222 828 502

PhDr. Ludmila Kopalová, library, Praha


tel.: +420 234 612 610                                               

PhDr. Dana Motyčková, CSc., library, plan documentation, Praha


tel.: +420 222 828 605

Andrea Zobačová, fotodocumentation, field workplace Brno


tel.: +420 532 290 274


Following colleagues form other departments are also available for consultation on our documents:

PhDr. Lucie Uhlíková, Ph.D., music documents, consultations, (Department of memory studies, field workplace Brno)


tel.: +420 532 290 273

Matěj Kratochvíl, Ph.D., music documents (Department of ethnomusicology and ethnochoreology, Prague)


tel.: +420 222 828 508


Documentary collections and archive fonds of Institute of Ethnology Czech Academy of Sciences

- are designated as archival cultural relics and listed in the register of national archival heritage under No. 901100270

The documentary collections and the archive fonds (the archive/record groups) deposited in the Institute of Ethnology Czech Academy of Sciences are mostly written records. Due to historical context - Institute of Ethnology was preceded by the State Institute for Folk Song, then the Departments for Folk Song and for Ethnography of the Academy of Sciences and later on the Institute for Ethnography and and Folklore Studies - these fonds are thematically primarily folkloristic, both verbal and music, and personal inheritance of founders as well as eminent experts on Czech and Czechoslovak ethnology. Nevertheless, the same importance in the archive have collections and thematic fonds of institutional or purely private nature.

In the archive of Prague’s Institute of Ethnology CAS are deposited also video and audio records from documentary activity of the individual departments of the institute. Among the largest fonds belong photo documentation and personal fonds – inheritances.

Contact person:Barbora Gurecká

(Please be advised that the archives records are mostly in Czech, Slovak or German language.)