Center of Scientific Information

Center of Scientific Information

Center of Scientific Information contains large collections of documents. Their value places them among the most important sources for the ethnographic research in the Czech Republic. The history of collections goes back to the 1st half of the 19th century. They were created through organized collecting and field research. These funds are constantly expanded by the research by the Institute’s scholars, donations from amateur collectors, gifts, and purchases. The main task of the Center of Scientific Information is to provide information services to the Institute’s researchers as well as to other visitors.

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Center of Scientific Information consists of:

Collections of documents

Photographic collections



Bibliography of the staff of the Institute of Ethnology (ASEP, RIV)



ETNOFOLK portal is a unique source of information about folk culture in Central Europe, its preservation and ways of exploitation, in education, tourism and other areas, created by the renowned experts in ethnology and ethnography from Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovenia and Slovakia. It brings so far unpublished documents, pictures and videos coming from scientific archives, which can be found in the section Knowledge base as well as information about contemporary activities in the field of preservation and development of rich folk culture in Central European region.


Výběr dokumentů z osobního fondu Otakara Hostinského, 1847 – 1910

Vzniklo v rámci programu Programme blanc (BLAN), NT09_534559, Formalisme esthétique en Europe centrale/FORMESTH 2009-2012, Paris-IV Sorbonne


Hostinský - Karton Jedna

• 758 záznamů / digitálních kopií „ztracené“ archivní dokumentace (tzv. Karton Jedna): osobní dokumentace, korespondence, literární rukopisy
• základní orientace dle soupisu z PNP (1998)

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