Adéla Ottová

Adéla Ottová

E-mail:  adela_landova

Grant Specialist & Project Manager

Coordination of grant agendas in cooperation with the Director and the Economic Center (THS) of the Institute of Ethnology

Identifying and providing information on financial resources and funding for research projects:

  • National and European funding: Horizon 2020 (Horizon Europe), GAČR, TA ČR, OP VVV
  • Internal funding of AV ČR: AV21 Strategy, Lumina quaeruntur

Support and advise on preparation of project proposals, project implementation and project reporting

Current Projects

2020-2025: Project "BOAR" (ERC CoG, Horizon 2020)
Veterinarization of Europe? Hunting for Wild Boar Futures in the Time of African Swine Fever

-Project management & Administrative assistance

2021-2022: Project "FERALHUNT" (MSCA-IF IV, OP VVV, MŠMT)
Hunting the Unruly Pigs of the New Wild: An Anthropology of Recreational Pig Hunting

-Project management & Administrative assistance