Andre Thiemann

Andre Thiemann


Research profile 

André Thiemann received his PhD in social anthropology in 2016 from the Martin-Luther University Halle-Wittenberg and the Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology. After postdoctoral research positions and a visiting professorship at ZiF Bielefeld and at CEU Budapest, he was Visiting Lead Researcher at Riga Stradiņš University, where he led the project ‘Comparing vital capitals: An anthropological analysis of the global value chains of sea buckthorn and raspberries’. A trained social anthropologist with a background in African and Eastern European studies, André explores the political-economic transformations of former Yugoslavia and Eastern Europe through ethnography and historical anthropology. In his publications on the state, farming infrastructures, global value chains, multispecies relations with plants (raspberries and sea buckthorn) and animals (cows and pigs), he combines new and historical materialist perspectives to understand the contemporary moment and its possible futures. He is currently a postdoctoral researcher in the ERC BOAR Project: "Veterinarization of Europe? Hunting for Wild Boar Futures in the Time of African Swine Fever."


Research Outputs

Scientific publications

Books and Special Issues

2024     The Politics of Relations: How Self-Government, Infrastructures, and Care Transform the State in Serbia, EASA Series, New York, Oxford: Berghahn (in press).

2023     Thiemann, A., Lammer, Ch., "Infrastructures of Value: New and Historical Materialities in Agriculture” in Ethnos: Journal of Anthropology (published online 12/03/2023).


Peer reviewed journals 

2023     Fledgling Farms and Failing Health: How the Polypore State Transforms the Multispecies Relations in Serbia’s Raspberry Fields, In Lin, J., Arnold, D., Nguyen, M. (eds.) Welfare in Crisis: Labor and Social Protection in the Global South, special issue of Journal of Labor and Society, 1-26.

2023     Lammer, Ch., Thiemann, A. Introduction: Infrastructuring Value. Ethnos: Journal of Anthropology, 1–24.

2023     Infrastructuring ‘Red Gold’: Agronomists, Cold Chains, and the Involution of Serbia’s Raspberry Country. Ethnos: Journal of Anthropology, 1–23.

2022     Thiemann, A., Rolle, K. Becoming In-visible: Family Farms in Rural Latvia in the Framework of the EU Common Agricultural Policy. Culture, Agriculture, Food and Environment 44 (1), 41–52.

2019     Moral Appreciation: Caring for Post-Socialist Cows in Contemporary Serbia. Etnofoor 31 (2): 13–31 (revised and expanded version of 2017).

2017     Kapitalizam koji se smanjuje, “mlečni putevi”, i moralno uvažavanje “živog sela” u Srbiji. Glasnik Etnografskog Instituta SANU 65 (2): 387-402. (Shrinking Capitalism, ‘Milky Ways’ and the Moral Appreciation of the ‘Living Village’.)

2014     State Kinning and Kinning the State in Serbian Elder Care Programs. Social Analysis (special issue – Stategraphy) 58 (3): 107-123. with Tatjana Thelen and Duška Roth.

2014     “It was the Least Painful to go into Greenhouse Production:” The Moral Appreciation of Social Security in Post-Socialist Serbia. Contemporary Southeastern Europe 1 (2): 24-41.


Book chapters 

2022     Commodity Chains. In Carrier, J. (ed.) Handbook of Economic Anthropology, 3rd, revised edition; Cheltenham and Northampton (MA): Edward Elgar.

2018     Underimplementing the Law: Social Work, Bureaucratic Error, and the Politics of Distribution in Postsocialist Serbia. In Karge, H., Kind-Kovács, F., Bernasconi, S. (eds.) From the Midwife’s Bag to the Patient’s File: Public Health in Eastern Europe. eds. Budapest: CEU University Press, 293-313. 

Conferences and workshops

Conference presentations (last five years)

2023      Fledgling Farms and Failing Health: Polypore transformations of multispecies labor and the state in Serbia’s raspberry fields, biennial conference of the German Anthropological Association: Contested Knowledge, Anthropological Perspectives, Munich, Germany.

2023      Fledgling farms and failing health: Transformations of multispecies labour and care in the Serbian raspberry fields, conference In the Frictions: Fragments of Care, Health, and Wellbeing in the Balkans, Zadar, Croatia.

2022      Introductory Remarks: Plants as/and Humans. Workshop Plants as/and Humans: Southern Epistemologies and ‘Floral Turn’ (workshop organizer), Prague, Czech Republic.

2022      Introduction: Infrastructures of Value and Infrastructuring Raspberries: Agronomists, Cold Chains, and the Involution of Serbia’s ‘Raspberry Country, panel Infrastructures of Value: New and Historical Materialities of Food and Farming at AAA conference “Unsettling Landscapes”, Seattle.

2022      Welcome and Introductory remarks, 6th Baltic Summer School of Anthropology. Global-to-Local Food Chains: Food Sovereignty and Climate Change, in Cēsis, Latvia.

2022      Infrastructures of value: Post-socialist infrastructural involution and the production of Serbian raspberries for global markets, conference Ecologies of Decay: Modern ruination in the global (post)socialist peripheries, SSEES, University College London.

2022      Raspberries across system boundaries: translations of knowledges and technologies during and after socialism, Südosteuropa-Gesellschaft conference: Unsettling the hegemonic gaze: translation and transfer of knowledge in Southeast Europe, Regensburg.

2021      Farmers’ failing health and FDI: A Serbian case study in public health and welfare transformations, conference Reconfiguring Labour and Welfare in Emerging Economies of the Global South, ZiF Bielefeld.

2021      Infrastructuring Raspberries: Agronomists, Cold Chains and the Socialist Base of the ‘Red Gold of Serbia’, conference: Thirty years of capitalist transformations in Central and Eastern Europe: Inequalities and Resistance, Cluj, Romania.

2021      Becoming in-visible: small family farms in rural Latvia in the framework of the National and EU Agriculture Policy, PLACES conference panel: Flying Ideas, Flying Circuses and Flying Cars: Anthropological Approaches to Techniques and Technologies in the Current World, Riga, Latvia.

2020      The ‘red gold of Serbia’ under ‘environmental’ duress: Towards an economic anthropology of the global value chain of raspberries, Workshop of the “Economic Anthropology” Group of the German Anthropological Association: Economic Anthropology and the Sense of Environmental Crisis, Cologne, Germany.

2020      Infrastructuring the state: Cold chains beyond the Cold War and the ‘red gold of Serbia’ (raspberries), EASA conference, Lisbon, Portugal.

2019      The sweat of the raspberry plantation, pecha kucha presentation at the founding meeting of the EASA network Environmental Anthropology, Cologne, Germany.

2019      Caring States, Ambivalent Families: How the Gift of State-paid Senior Home Care Reconfigures the Internal State-Society Boundary in Serbia, joint conference of the American Anthropological Association (AAA) and Canadian Anthropological Society (CASCA): “Changing Climates”, Vancouver, Canada.

2019     Transversal rebellion: Re-aligning the scales of statecraft through football, Swiss Anthropological Society Conference The Global as Method – Ethnographic Scales in the 21st century, Geneva.

2019      Infrastructuring Stategraphy: Pipes and the Relational Anthropology of the State, founding meeting of EASA network Anthropologies of the State “Genealogies and Positionalities of Thinking the State”, Leiden, Netherlands.

2019      Football and transversal politics: A central Serbian perspective on the Anthropology of the Local State, conference of the German Society for Social and Cultural Anthropology (DGSKA) “The End of Negotiations“, Constance, Germany.

2019      Humanitarian afterlife: Bridging the scales of the Local State in Serbia, 26th International Conference of Europeanists at Juan Carlos III. University: “Sovereignties in Contention – Nations, Regions, and Citizens in Europe”, Madrid, Spain.

2019     Infrastructuring Raspberries: The Politics and Poetics of Creating Serbia’s Vital Capital, Workshop “Consuming the unique: food, art and the globalizing infrastructures of value” at the Department of Sociology and Social Anthropology, Budapest, Hungary.


Organising committee (last five years)

2022      Plants as/and Humans: Southern Epistemologies and ‘Floral Turn’, 2-day workshop in Prague, Czech Republic (2022/11/21-22).

2022      Infrastructures of Value: New and Historical Materialities of Food and Farming, panel at AAA conference “Unsettling Landscapes”, Seattle (2022/11/11).

2022      Global-to-Local Food Chains: Food Sovereignty and Climate Change, 6th Baltic Summer School of Anthropology, 4-day summer school in Cēsis, Latvia (lead organiser) (2022/08/25-28).

2021      Flying Ideas, Flying Circuses and Flying Cars: Anthropological Approaches to Techniques and Technologies in the Current World, panel at PLACES conference, Riga, Latvia (2021/03/25).

2019      Consuming the unique: food, art and the globalizing infrastructures of value, 2-day workshop at the Department of Sociology and Social Anthropology CEU Budapest, Hungary (lead organiser) (2019/05/09-10).

Grants and Awards

2022      925/2022/2.2-14/2022/9 Project funding by the Baltic-German University Liaison Office.

2020      Elinor Ostrom Fellow at ZiF, Center for Interdisciplinary Research, Bielefeld (12/2020-03/2022).

2019, Agreement No. 9.-14.5/87 “Vital Capitals”, Post-doctoral Research Aid by the European Regional Development Fund and the State Education and Development Agency of the Republic of Latvia (08/2019-07/2022).

2019      CEU Conferences and Academic Events Fund, Central European University, Budapest.

2017      Junior Core Fellow, Institute of Advanced Studies, Central European University, Budapest (10/2017-06/2018).

2017      conference grant Thyssen Foundation, Research Field “State, Economy, Society”.

2009     Ph.D. Stipend Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology (04/2009-03/2013).

Other publications and activities


2023     Lammer, Ch., Thiemann, A. (14/03/2023) “Introduction: Infrastructures of Value”, 2min 32sec video abstract on Vimeo: Video Abstract - Introduction: Infrastructuring Value on Vimeo.


Online Essays and Working Papers

2023      Lammer, Ch., Thiemann, A. (20/06/2023) Infrastructuring Gens: Materiality, Marx and More-Than-Capitalist Value, boas-blog “Researching Capitalism”

2020      The Red Gold of Serbia: A Historical Ethnography of Serbian Raspberry Production for the Global Market. Vienna Working Papers in Ethnography 10.

2018      Of Refugees and States: How Vernacular Humanitarianism Draws Together Disparate Scales of Statecraft, Public Anthropologist Journal Blog (8.10.2018).

2017      Towards a relational anthropology of the state, Allegra Lab (9.12.2017).


Book Reviews

2020      Review of Thelen, Tatjana and Erdmute Alber (ed.). 2018. Reconnecting Kinship and State, Antropos 115, 281–282.

2019      Review of David W. Montgomery (ed.) 2018. Everyday Life in the Balkans, Südosteuropa 67 (2), 294–296.

2019      Review of Č. Brković (2017), Managing Ambiguity: How Clientelism, Citizenship, and Power Shape Personhood in Bosnia and Herzegovina (Oxford: Berghahn), Anthropological Journal of European Cultures 27 (2): 130–133.



2014      Häberlein, T., Thiemann, A. (21/05/2014)Conference Report: Doing Politics – Making Kinship: Back Towards a Future Anthropology of Social Organisation and Belonging. 13.02.2014 –15.02.2014, Berlin, H-Soz-Kult.

  1. with Polyphonic Editing Team (eds.) 6th Days of Polyphonic Anthropology: Symbols and Rituals of Statehood and Resistance. A Documentation of Collective Field Research Done by Young Anthropologists from Berlin and Warsaw. Warsaw: University of Warsaw Printing House.
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