Anežka Brožová

Anežka Brožová

Mgr. Anežka Brožová Anezka_Brozova



Collective memory, nationalism and national minorities, Central Europe and German-speaking countries



2018 - present    Ph.D., Modern/Contemporary History, Charles University, Faculty of Social Sciences

2018    Mgr. and mgr, German and Central-European Studies, Charles University and Uniwersytet Pedagogiczny in Cracow

Master Thesis: Hlučín Soldiers in the Wehrmacht - Conflicting Narrative in the Czech Culture of Remembrance

2001    Bc. and B.A., Czech-German Studies, Charles University and Universität Regensburg

Bachelor Thesis: Max Brod as an intermediary of the Czech drama to the German-speaking audience. A reception of the Czech theatre in the articles of Max Brod in journals Prager Abendblatt and Prager Tagblatt from 1921 to 1939



2022 – 2025     GAČR Project Transformation of Silesia 1945 – 1948, member of the research team

2020 – 2021    Centre for Doctoral Studies, Institute of International Studies, FSV UK

10-11/2019, 9/2020    DAAD Scholarship, Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf

2018    Excellent Thesis, Forschungsverbund “Grenze/n in nationalen und transnationalen Erinnerungskulturen zwischen Tschechien und Bayern“


“World War II Monuments and Graves in the Hlučín Region: Fallen Hlučín Soldiers as a Contested Realm of Memory in the Czech Culture of Remambrance”, in East Central European Cemeteries. Ethnic, Linguistic and Narrative Aspects of Sepulchral Culture and the Commemoration of the Dead in Borderlands, ed. Ferdinand Kühnel, Soňa Mikulová and Snežana Stanković (Berlin: Peter Lang, 2023), 47–76.