Barbora Stehlíková

Barbora Stehlíková

Mgr. Barbora StehlíkováBarbora Stehlikova 

Department of Ecological Anthropology

e-mail: stehlikova[at] 


2019 – present   PhD. In Sociology, Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University in Prague.
Dissertation title: E-waste between morality and ethics: waste practices in the Czech Republic

2018   Mgr. in General Anthropology – Integral Study of Humans, Faculty of Humanities, Charles
University in Prague. Thesis title: The Morality of Gift.

2014   Bc. in Ethnology and Czech language and literature, Faculty of Arts, Charles University in Prague.
Thesis title: National Identity of Albanian Migrants in Prague.

Research Interests

Economic anthropology; gift economy; morality and ethics; waste. 

Current projects

Waste Regime at a Crossroad: Divergent Trajectories of Things, Cars, and Electronics  

Selected Publications

Journal Papers

Sosna, Daniel, Stehlíková, Barbora and Mašek, Pavel (2023).  Ecologies of Quantification in Waste Management: Landfilling, E-Waste Recycling, and Car Breaking. Critique of Anthropology. DOI: 10.1177/0308275x231205961

Stehlíková, Barbora (2021). “The Aim is always Joy!” The Hybrid Gift as an Anchor for Morality. Cargo 18(1-2), 86-104.

Stehlíková, Barbora (2015). Sebeidentifikace albánských migrantů v Praze (Self-identification of Albanian migrants). In: Bittnerová, Dana; Moravcová, Mirjam (eds.). Etnické komunity – Balkánské cesty. Praha: Univerzita Karlova, 195-214.