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Kieran O’Mahony


Kieran O’Mahony

Postdoctoral Research Associate


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Research profile 

Kieran received his PhD in 2020 from Cardiff University. Engaging with literature from critical geography, the environmental humanities and STS, Kieran’s research broadly addresses a range of human-animal relations and the dynamic environmental settings within which they occur. His previous experience working in conservation practice helped foster a prolonged interest in the knowledge practices and spatial-temporal politics that shape (feral) ecologies, wildlife management, biosecurity, nonhuman belonging, and more-than-human health. He has explored such matters in a variety of regional contexts (the UK, Europe and Japan), in relation to different organisms (including wild and domestic pigs, cows, wolves, and microbes) and through novel, multi-modal methodologies. Kieran is currently a postdoctoral research associate on the ERC BOAR Project, "Veterinarization of Europe? Hunting for Wild Boar Futures in the Time of African Swine Fever".

Scientific Publications

Special Issues

2023    Walker, A., O’Mahony, K., & Boyer, K. Recollecting the Everyday: Emotion, Memory and Spaces of Mundane Practice. Emotion, Space and Society.

2020    Wynne-Jones, S., Clancy, C., Holmes, G., O’Mahony. K., & Ward, K. Rewilding ‘Feral Political Ecologies’. Conservation and Society 18(2).


Peer reviewed journals

2023    von Essen, E., O'Mahony, K., Szczygielska, M., Gieser, T., Vaté, V., Arregui, A., & Broz, L. The Many Boar Identities: Understanding Difference and Change in the Geographies of European Wild Boar Management.  Journal of Environmental Planning and Managementhttps://doi:10.1080/09640568.2023.2269312

2023    Walker, A., O'Mahony, K., & Boyer, K. Recollecting the everyday: Emotion, Memory and Spaces of Mundane Practice. Emotion, Space and Society 48, 100961 p1-7

2023    Bongi, P., Baruffetti, M., Gazzola, A., & O'Mahony, K. Coexistence in Ecological Corridors: Understanding Tolerance of Wolves in the Northwestern Apennines, Italy. Human Dimensions of Wildlife 28 (1) p53-69

2022    O’Mahony, K. Inhabiting ‘Forest of Dean’ Borderlands: Feral Wild Boar and Dynamic Ecologies of Memory and Place. Emotion, Space and Society 45, 100902 p1-12

2022    Enticott G., O'Mahony, K., Shortall, O. & Sutherland, L. ‘Natural Born Carers’? Reconstituting Gender Identity in the Labour of Calf Care. Journal of Rural Studies 95 p362-372

2021    Broz, L., Arregui, A., & O'Mahony, K. Wild Boar Events and the Veterinarization of Multispecies Coexistence. Frontiers in Conservation Science 2 p1-10

2020    Wynne-Jones, S., Clancy, C., Holmes, G., O'Mahony, K., & Ward, K. J. Feral Political Ecologies? The Biopolitics, Temporalities and Spatialities of Rewilding. Conservation and Society 18(2) p71-76

2020    O'Mahony, K. Blurring Boundaries: Feral Rewilding, Biosecurity and Contested Wild Boar Belonging in England. Conservation and Society 18(2) p114-125

2018    O'Mahony, K., Corradini, A., and Gazzola, A. Lupine Becomings: Tracking and Assembling Romanian Wolves through Multi-sensory Fieldwork. Society and Animals 26(2) p107-129

Conference and Workshop Presentations

2023    O’Mahony, K. Feral Landscapes and the Messy Biopolitics of of Resurgent (Porcine) Life. Contested Spaces- Animals, Activists and the Law: Ruling on Nature Project Seminar. Paris, Sept 28.

2023    Enticott, G., & O’Mahony, K. Temporal Borders, Calf Care and Anti-Microbial Resistance. Crises and the Futures of Rural Areas: 29th European Society for Rural Sociology Congress. Rennes, July 3-7.

2023    O'Mahony, K., Keil, P. G., & Vate, V. Relating ‘wild’ (and not so ‘wild’) pig worlds in tumultuous times. Relations and beyond: Annual Conference of the Finnish Anthropological Society. Rovaniemi, March 21-23.

2022    Broz, L., O’Mahony, K., & Keil, P.G. Bewildering numbers: a social analysis of how population estimates shape human-wild pig relations. 13th International Symposium on Wild Boar and Other Suids. Barcelona, Sept 6-9.

2021    Enticott, G and O’Mahony, K. Marginal Biosecurities and Gendered Ecologies of Calf Care”. Borders, Borderlands and Bordering: Royal Geographical Society and International Board of Geographers Annual Conference. London, August 31- Sept 3.

2020    O’Mahony, K. From Sheepscapes to Swinescapes: Presences, Absences and Feral Transitions in the Forest of Dean, England. Hunting, Haunting and the Wayward Boar: Aarhus University Centre for Environmental Humanities Seminar. Online, Oct 20.

2018    O’Mahony, K. Mess, Risk and Enchantment: Disturbing Place with Reintroduced Wild Boar”. Porcine Futures 1: Re-negotiating “Wilderness” in More-than-human Worlds Conference. Prague, Oct 16-17.

2018    O'Mahony, K. Communities, Publics, Responsibilities: The Problematic Nature of England's Wild Boar Strategy”. 12th International Symposium on Wild Boar and Other Suids. Lazne Belohrad, Sept 4-7.

2018    O'Mahony, K. Digging up the Past: Material Memories in Flourishing Swinescapes. Geographical Landscapes/Changing Landscapes of Geography: Royal Geographical Society-International Board Geographers Annual Conference. Cardiff, Aug 28-31.

2018    O'Mahony, K. Upturned Places: Material and Temporal Change in (Re)introduced Swinescapes. Nottingham University Animal Geography Research Workshop. Nottingham, July 4.

2017    O’Mahony, K. Contested Knowledges and Participation in Governing Unsanctioned Wild-life”. Decolonising Geographical Knowledges: Royal Geographical Society-International Board of Geographers Annual Conference. London, Aug 29-Sept 1.

2017    O’Mahony, K. Catching up with Wildlife: The Contested Politics of Reintroduced Wild Boar in England. The Value of Life Conference: Measurement, Stakes, Implications Conference. Wageningen, June 28-30.

2016    O’Mahony, K. (Re)Introducing Ruralities: Rewilding and the Nature of Place. Nexus Thinking: Royal Geographical Society-International Board of Geographers Annual Conference. London, Aug 30-Sept 2.

Grants and Awards

2022    The Great Britain Sasakawa Foundation (GBSF). Recipient of grant for ‘Historic and Future Management of Wild Boar in the UK and Japan’ research project.

2018    School of Geography and Planning, Cardiff University. Recipient of ‘Postgraduate International Travel Grant’.

2017    School of Geography and Planning, Cardiff University. Recipient of ‘Postgraduate International Travel Grant’.

2015    UK Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC). Full PhD scholarship for ‘Feral Bo(a)rderlands: Living with and governing wild boar in the Forest of Dean, England’.

Other publications

2022    Szczygielska, M., Kuen, L., O'Mahony, K., & Keil, P.G. Feral ethics: Thinking feral with pigs. New Alphabet School (HKW)

2017    O’Mahony, K. “Wild boar in the Dean: Welcome back?” ECOS: British Association of Nature Conservationists. 38 (1)