Petr Nuska

Mgr. et Mgr. Petr Nuska, PhD.  Petr_NUSKA







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Research interests

Ethnomusicology, Anthropology of Music, Visual Anthropology & Ethnomusicology, Ethnographic and Documentary Film, Roma and Romani Music



2022    PhD in Ethnomusicology & Visual Culture. Durham University. Thesis: Roma-ness in Music, Music in Roma-ness: The Musical Craft of Slovak Roma in Klenovec & Kokava”

2015    Mgr. (MA) in General Anthropology. Charles University in Prague. Thesis: “Transgenerational Transfer of Musical Skills among Professional Romani Musicians in Klenovec and Kokava”

2015    Mgr. (MA) in New Media Studies. Charles University in Prague. Thesis: “The ‘DSLR Revolution’ and Its Impact on Documentary and Ethnographic Filmmaking”


Current project

2024–  Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions Postdoctoral Fellowships: Romani Chords: Uncovering Romani Practice for Harmonic Accompaniment with Sonic, Visual and Ethnographic Analysis.


Past projects

2021    Visual and Sound Arts Residency (International Visegrad Fund). Project: Collaborative Video Making with Romani Musicians from Kokava.

2020–2022      Diego Carpitella Fellowship in Visual Ethnomusicology (Fondazione Giorgio Cini, Italy). Project: Blood, Sweat & Tearful Music.

2015–2016      Principal Investigator of GA UK no. 310315 (Grant Agency of Charles University). Transmission of Romani Musical Skills in Klenovec (Slovakia).


Selected publications

2022    Romani Ethnicity Performance in Klenovec: The Pariahdom Boundary and Its Markers. Romani Studies 33(2).

2018    The DSLR Revolution and Its Impact on Documentary and Ethnographic Filmmaking. Visual Ethnography 7(2): 24–44.

2019    Thinking of the ‘Future of Visual Anthropology’ from the Future. In CVAC Times 2. Lisa-Elen Meyering, Nelli Stavropoulou, Seren Nolan, Antonia Miejluk Eds. Pp. 23. 2019, University of Durham.

2016    Intergenerational Transmission of Romani Musical Knowledge and Skills in Klenovec and Kokava. In Crossing Bridges: Music, Intergenerational Transmission and Transformation. Zuzana Jurková, David Vebruč Eds. Charles University.


Selected filmography

2022    Hopa lide (ethnographic documentary, 90 mins).

2021    Rooted Musicians from Klenovec (ethnographic documentary, 17 mins).

2020    Normal (experimental, 7 mins).

2018    High Five, Sister! (with A.C. Köhler; ethnographic documentary, 8 mins).

2013    Turning Seventeen (with A. Suszko & P. Borecký; ethnographic documentary, 11 mins). 



2018–2022      Ethnomusicology Film Club. Durham University.

2020    World Music Traditions. Durham University.

2019    Introduction to Ethnomusicology (marking). Durham University.

2019    Practical Crash Course in Ethnographic Filmmaking. University of Constantinus the Philosopher. Nitra (Slovakia).

2017    GLEN – Global Learning and Education Network (Tutor). Berlin.

2017    The Camera as an Ethnographic Tool. University of West Bohemia. Plzeň (Czechia)

2016    Shootback Program. Mathare Youth Sports Association. Nairobi.

2019    Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

2017–2018      Durham University Learning and Teaching Award