New developments in Bulgarian dance folklore – reviving the past?

New developments in Bulgarian dance folklore – reviving the past?

19. 03. 2024

Presentation by Dilyana Kurdova, Tuesday, March 26, 14:30

The Department of Ethnomusicology and Ethnochoreology cordially invites you to the presentation about folklore revival.

The presentation seeks to explore the Bulgarian folklore dance revival of the 21st century and will address current developments within the Bulgarian folklore scene, encompassing both the professional and the recreational point of view. It further explores the origins and ideas behind the massive dance revival movement linking them to modern phenomena such as recreational Bulgarian folklore dance groups, horoteque, Sunday open-air dances and other folklore retreats promising to find one’s roots.

Dilyana Kurdova is a researcher of Bulgarian traditional dance folklore and a member of several study groups at the International Council for Traditions in Music and Dance, an NGO in formal consultative relations with UNESCO. She is also the founder of the Phoenix Perpeticum Foundation which collects, archives and publishes old video and music material from Bulgaria and the Balkans. In 2023 she published her first book on the topic of symbolism in Bulgarian traditional female costumes. Kurdova is a frequent lecturer in Bulgaria and abroad on the topics of recreational folk groups, intangible cultural heritage, and traditional Bulgarian dance folklore.

Institute of Ethnology, Czech Academy of Sciences, Na Florenci 3, Praha 1, 5th floor, seminar room

You can also join the presentation online here.