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Paul G. Keil

keil2Paul G. Keil, Ph.D.

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2017     PhD, Anthropology (2017/09/26). Macquarie University. 
Thesis Title - Living in Elephant Worlds: Human-elephant relations on the fringe of forest and village in Assam, Northeast India.

2011     Bachelor of Arts Honours, Anthropology. (2011/04/19) Macquarie University.
             Dissertati title: Man-Sheep-Dog: Interspecies entanglements at sheepdog trials.

2010     Bachelor of Arts, Psychology. (2010/04/16). Macquarie University.

2002     Bachelor of Design Honours, Visual communication. (2002/10/02). University of Technology, Sydney

Výzkumné zájmy

ekologická antropologie; kognitivní vědy; multidruhová etnografie; paměť, South Asian studies



Články v recenzovaných časopisech

2017      Keil, P.G. Uncertain human-elephant encounters in North-East India. Journal of Religious and Political Practice, 3 (3), 196-211. 

2017      Harris, C.B., Barnier, A.J., Sutton, J., Keil, P.G., & Dixon, A. “Going episodic”: collaborative inhibition and facilitation when long-married couples remember together. Memory, 25 (8), 1148-59.

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2014      Harris, C.B., Barnier, A.J., Sutton, J., & Keil, P.G. (2014/06/17). Couples as socially distributed cognitive systems: Remembering in everyday social and material contexts. Memory Studies, 7 (3), 285-297. 

2014     Barnier, A.J., Priddis, A.C., Broekhuijse, J., Harris, C.B., Cox, R., Congleton, A.R., Keil, P.G & Addis, D.R. (2014/07). Reaping what they sow: The benefits of remembering together in intimate couples. Journal of Applied Research in Memory and Cognition, 3(4), 261-265.

2011      Harris, C.B., Keil, P.G., Barnier, A. J., & Sutton, J. We Remember, We Forget: Collaborative Remembering in Older Couples. Discourse Processes, 46 (4), 267-303.

2010     Sutton, J., Harris, C.B., Keil, P.G., & Barnier, A. J. The psychology of memory, extended mind and socially distributed remembering. Phenomenology of Cognitive Science, 9 (4), 521-560.

2010      Harris, C. B., Barnier, A. J., Sutton, J., & Keil, P.G. How did you feel when “The Crocodile Hunter” died? Voicing and silencing in conversation influences memory for an autobiographical event. Memory, 18 (2), 185-197.

Kapitoly v knihách

2016      Keil, P.G. Elephant-Human Dandi: How Humans and Elephants Move Through the Fringes of Forest and Village in Assam. In P. Locke & J. Buckingham (eds.), Conflict, Negotiation, Co-existence: Rethinking Human-Elephant Relation in South Asia (pp. 197-223). New Delhi: Oxford University Press, India.


2019      Keil, P.G. REVIEW: R. Govindrajan 2018. Animal Intimacies: Interspecies Relatedness in India's Central Himalayas. South Asia: Journal of South Asian Studies. DOI: 10.1080/00856401.2019.1608416

2016      Keil, P.G. REVIEW: Y. Musharbash & G. Henning Presterudstuen, 2014. Monster Anthropology in Australasia and Beyond. The Australian Journal of Anthropology, 27(3), 415-417.

Online eseje

2018      Keil. P.G. Death of a hungry god. SAPIENS, photo essay. Retrieved from: 

2015     Locke, P. & Keil, P.G. Multispecies methodologies and human-elephant relations. Engagement- A blog published by the Anthropology and Environment Society. Retrieved from: 

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