Yanush Panchenko

Yanush Panchenko

Yanush Panchenko Yanush Panchenko

ORCID: 000-0001-9974-3266


Research Associate

Department of Mobily and Migration

e-mail: panchenko[at]

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The culture and history of the Roma in Ukraine and southern Russia; Romani nomadic past, traditional culture, and folklore; Romani dialects of Ukraine and Russia; Ukrainian Romani groups as indigenous peoples; Ukrainian Roma in the context of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, including issues of migration, identity, and Roma participation in armed conflict.


2018 – present. Ph.D., History and Archeology, Zaporizhzhia National University.

  1. Mgr. Secondary Education (History), Kherson State University.

Master Thesis: The History of Romani Ethnic Groups in Ukraine and the Kherson Oblast from the 16th to the 21st Century.

  1. B.A., International Tourism, National Aviation University.

Bachelor Thesis: Romani Cultural Centers as Ethnic Tourism Destinations in Europe.


2023-2024. Scholarship. Indiana University Bloomington. “IU-Ukraine Non-Resident Scholars Program”.

2023. Grant. MistOst. “Study of changes in the perception of Roma in Ukraine under the conditions of the Russian war in Ukraine”.

2022-2023. Fellowship. MistOst, Vidnova Program.

2022. Grant. Goethe Institute. “We are all Ukrainians (sociological research among Ukrainian Roma migrants)”

2022. Scholarship. Central-European University. Invisible University for Ukraine


2023. Panchenko, Yanush & Mykola Homayuk. Servurʼa and Krymʼa (Crimean Roma) as indigenous peoples of Ukraine. Etnografia Polska, Warszawa, T. LXVII nr. 1-2.

2023. Homanyuk, Mykola & Janush Panchenko. From a Pilfered Nail to a Stolen Tank: The Role of a Media Event in the Consolidation of the Ukrainian Political Nation. Forum Transregionale Studien, 1/2021, #1. War, migration and memory, Berlin.

2018. Cyganʼe. Sʼeriya “Narody i Kuľtury” (With Nadezhda Demeter, Marianna Seslavinskaya, Ilona Makhotina, Kirill Kozhanov and etc.) Moscow: Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology RAS. – p. 320.

2017. Osnovnyje statisticheskie pokazateli cygan Hersonskoj oblasti 2016—2017 gg. (opyt etnosociologicheskogo issledovaniya) / Editor Ilona Makhotina; — Dnipro: Serednyak T.K. — p. 54.